United Houma Nation

Saktce-ho'ma Opportunity Fund

After several attempts to secure funding, the UHN was successful with gaining support and technical assistance from the US Department of Treasury in 2012 with developing a Community Development Financial Institute (CDFI) that meets the specific needs of the UHN communities.  Tribal leadership has always recognized the need for financial services such as technical assistance courses on personal credit repair, small business development as well as targeted loan products that help tribal citizens achieve greater outcomes of personal and business success.  With this grant being implemented, the Saktce-ho'ma Opportunity Fund is closer to a reality.

The Saktce-ho'ma Opportunity Fund (SOF) is based on the awareness that with the appropriate assistance, tribal citizens who typically do not participate in traditional banking or need additional assistance with their financial needs will have a home to turn to for assistance.  The SOF, "Red Crawfish" Fund, is based on tribal belief that our warriors possessed crawfish strength, meaning like the crawfish our people defend their homes and families no matter how large the threat.  In today's modern world, our people have to now arm themselves with new weapons that include a solid foundation of financial literacy and access to financing to achieve such outcomes.  Although in the initial stages of development, this entity will be a stand-alone independent nonprofit organization that will provide ongoing financial and loan services for our tribal communities for years to come. 

If you would like to offer assistance with the development of the SOF or inquire about the services in development, please contact:

Main Office

991 Grand Caillou Road, Bldg #2
Houma, LA  70363