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11 May

Jazz Fest Volunteers Appreciated

Posted by United Houma Nation on Sunday, May 11, 2014

I am honored, proud and overwhelmed by the hard work of the 2014 UHN Jazz Fest volunteers.  Jazz Fest is the largest fundraiser and volunteer led initiative conducted by our people.  The UHN operates a food booth at the fest, which spans 7 days over 2 back-to-back weekends, that requires over 20 volunteers a day to operate efficiently.  Our volunteers this year were without a doubt the most hardworking we have ever seen.  Not only does the event require volunteers on-site during the fest, but I also recognize the help of the many people who help with preparation for the fest.

Yakoke et bien merci (thank you) to all our volunteers:

Amanda Allemand, Destiny Allemand, Larry Andrews, Jacob Barnett, Bette Billiot, Carrie Billiot, Esther Billiot, Jerome Billiot, Jerry Billiot, Kaitlyn Billiot, Keegan Billiot, Kevin Billiot, Louise Billiot, Mary Billiot, Bosco Chaisson, Louella Chaisson, Kayne Comeaux, Lloyd Comeaux, Patsy Comeaux, Cocoa Creppel, Lanor Curole, Agnes Danos, Michael Dardar, Eunice Dardar, Noreen Dardar, Tommy Dardar IV, Brad DeHart, Kaleob DeHart, Melanie Dion, Markina Ellender, Dustin Fabre, Peggy Fanguy, Tina Fazzio, Stacie Fitch, Farrah Foret, Alyssa Franklin, Mark Frazier, Alisha Gilbert, Lucas Gilbert, Kathleen Gregoire, Onita Harris, Nick Hewson, Chris Kreis, Curtis Hendon, Elsie LeBlanc, Julia LeBlanc, Mike LeBlanc, Loquetta Legendre, Rob Lieb, Sarah Lirette, Lucretia McDonald, Barbara Naquin, Kellie Parfait, Lacy Picou, Cassie Pierre, Aurora Redman, Monica Redman, Marina Serigny, John Silver, Brandy Solet, Evan Solet, Mary Alice Solet, Pierre Solet, Cara Stonecipher, Kim Thibodeaux, Ola Thibodeaux, Lacy Vito, Craig White, Louis White and Lenessa Wright.

A special thank you to Bosco Chaisson, Lanor Curole, Curtis Hendon, Elsie LeBlanc and John Silver for working all 7 days of the fest and Kentwood Water for donating bottled water to keep our volunteers hydrated!

Thomas Dardar, Jr. 

Principal Chief