United Houma Nation

  • Aug 21, 2015

    In the middle of all the Katrina 10 events taking place around the region, Mother Nature reminds us who is really in charge.  Hurricane Danny is being closely monitored for any potential impacts to our communities.  At this point, our contacts with the state's emergency preparedness system are keeping us well informed with hourly updates on Danny's status.  As our people know from years of experience living along the Gulf Coast, now is not a time to panic as many tropical events will change in direction, strength and size many times before ever reaching any area of concern.  However, I would urge everyone to take this time to check your supplies and make sure you have a hurricane game plan. ..

  • Jun 01, 2014

    With today being the first day of Hurricane season, now is certainly the time to reflect on the needs of our communities that are so at risk and vulnerable during this time of year.  In the past it was okay to stay home and batten down the hatches; however, due to the land loss the protections our communities had in the past are unfortunately too little to withstand the strength of hurricanes and tropical storms. ..