United Houma Nation

  • Apr 19, 2015

    Tomorrow is the 5-year mark of the Deepwater Horizon Disaster.  I would encourage all of us to reflect not only on the event, but what we have learned from it and where we are today as the FIRST people living along the coast of southeast Louisiana.  As the then Principal Chief elect, I vividly remember hearing the news announcements and recognizing immediately that it would be a significant event for our people.  Five years later that expectation has come true and we still remain uncertain of the long-term effects and likely will not for many years to come unfortunately. ..

  • May 25, 2014

    In the 1930s two school buildings were floated down Bayou Terrebonne that became the Indian School in Montegut.  During the mid 80s, the UHN purchased the property and building, which required some much needed attention following flooding in 1992 with Hurricane Andrew.  Through the work of volunteers, the building soon became a gathering place for the tribal communities in the eastern bayou communities of Terrebonne Parish where community meetings and gatherings took place regularly.  Additionally a community church operated from the building for a few years until their permanent facility was built. ..