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15 Jun

Happy Father's Day Wishes

Posted by United Houma Nation on Sunday, June 15, 2014

Many of you may already know my Dad, Thomas Dardar, Sr., better known as Brown.  As the oldest of eleven children, I saw my Dad care for each and everyone of us and instilled in us a strong sense of responsibility and care for family.  I remember working with him at the age of 14 where he taught me to operate a dragline, fish for oysters and work hard.  Additionally he also taught us all how to laugh.  I've never known my Dad to not have a smile on his face.

As a Dad myself of three children, I can only hope I have taught my children the same.  I am deeply blessed to still have my Dad with me today and I want to take the time to wish him a very Happy Father's Day.  Additionally I want to wish all our Fathers, Stepfathers, Grandfathers, and those of you who step in and assume the role of Father a very happy, special day!

Thomas Dardar, Jr.

Principal Chief