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27 Apr

Your Dollar Goes Further on May 6th

Posted by United Houma Nation on Sunday, April 27, 2014

We have some exciting news to share with you. On May 6th, thousands of residents in the Greater New Orleans area are going to show their support for their favorite nonprofit organizations during GiveNOLA Day, hosted by the Greater New Orleans Foundation.  On that day every donation we get will go a little further and help us claim our share of $200,000 in bonus dollars from the Lagniappe Fund, plus an additional $96,000 in prizes.  What this essentially means is the more money we raise the bigger share of the Lagniappe Fund we get.  Additionally prize money is based on which entity can raise the most money, has the most donors and has donors each hour of the day.

The United Houma Nation has always been good about getting grants to keep our programs growing on behalf of our citizens.  Annually we raise over $500,000 in grant funding to operate our programs; however, the general cost of operating is hard to come by and getting harder each day as most funders rarely give for costs like electricity, support staff, insurance, etc.  Help us raise money to keep the lights on and keep a human voice on the end of the phone line.  If you give to the UHN through this link on Tuesday, May 6th your contribution can become more.

We need you to help us three things:

  1. Mark GiveNOLA Day on your calendar for May 6th and bookmark this giving link:            UHN LINK or www.givenola.org
  2. Please make a donation to support us on Tuesday, May 6th.
  3. Help us spread the word!  Share with your friends and support the United Houma Nation as part of GiveNOLA Day on Tuesday, May 6th.

Let's show that Houma Pride!  We can't wait to celebrate the difference your generosity will make on May 6th!