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20 Jul

United Houma Nation Presents Lights! Camera! Food!

Posted by United Houma Nation on Monday, July 20, 2015

The United Houma Nation Diabetes Program is looking for the next cooking sensation.  We are taking the traditional cookbook and putting our own spin on it! If you love to cook, don’t mind being recorded in the kitchen preparing your favorite dish, and sharing with us a little history about your dish (i.e. passed on by a family member, created it yourself, altered a recipe you found online); then we are looking for you!

The UHN Diabetes Program will use digital storytelling to demonstrate wonderful recipes and provide those who are making healthier choices alternatives to reduce fat, sodium and/or carbs within those same recipes.

This is how it will work. A tribal citizen will prepare a recipe on camera just like it’s done on the Food Network.  Once the video is complete, a nutritionist will review the video to see if any ingredients can be substituted for “healthier choices” or recommend other healthy dishes to serve along with the recipe. Your food demonstration video along with the “healthy” suggestions from the nutritionist will be posted to the United Houma Nation website for everyone to enjoy. 

This is a wonderful opportunity to show off your cooking skills and give tribal citizens ideas for dinner at their tables. 

For more information, please contact Onita Harris or Stephen Billiot at (985) 223-3093 or email onita.harris@unitedhoumanation.org  or stephen.billiot@unitedhoumanation.org.  We’ll see you in the kitchen!