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12 Oct

United Houma Nation Boards and Committee Vacancies

Posted by United Houma Nation on Friday, October 12, 2018

Currently the United Houma Nation has a number of vacancies across various boards and committees that they are seeking potential candidates for appointment.  The UHN Boards and Committees play a crucial role in assisting the Tribal Council to better represent tribal citizens.  Only UHN tribal citizens can serve on these committees and are a great way for tribal citizens to share their talents and skills in their various areas of expertise.  Vacancies are in the following Boards and Committees:

  • Election Board - utilize the UHN Constitution and Election Ordinance to guide and implement tribal elections, ensure the voter registration process is operating and ensure tribal districts and boundaries are equitably established.  This board is required to meet at least quarterly with reports to the UHN Tribal Council.
  • Budget and Finance Committee - in conjunction with the Treasurer oversee the management of Tribal finances and making recommendations to the Tribal Council for the approval of Tribal financial reports, oversee all financial dealings and audits in accordance with the UHN Constitution, Articles of Incorporation, Administrative Procedures Ordinance and Code of Governmental Ethics Ordinances.  This committee typically meets monthly, but is required to meet at least quarterly with reports to the UHN Tribal Council.
  • Tribal Security and Community Services Committee - developing and coordinating Tribal Emergency Responses and Hazard Mitigation efforts including overseeing and directing relief services in coordination with Tribal Administration and coordinating the dispensing of grant funding for community services and disaster relief with Tribal Council policy and the stipulations of the grant funding agencies.  This committee is required to meet at least quarterly with reports to the UHN Tribal Council.
  • Personnel and Administration Committee - carrying out the hiring policies of the Tribal Council with the Tribal Administrator including reviewing and assisting with establishing salaries and job qualifications as well as implementing the employment process as outlined in the personnel policies.  This committee also assists the Tribal Council in all matters stipulated in the UHN Personnel Manual.  This committee is required to meeting at least quarterly with reports to the UHN Tribal Council.

Most board and committee appointments are for 3 years.  Committee appointments can not exceed 3 appointments for 3 consecutive terms.  Board and committee services is voluntary and appointees can attend many meetings by distance with the use of video conferencing technology.  Any UHN Tribal citizen who is interested in serving in any of these committees can submit an application (download provided below).  Ideally, the Tribal Council is seeking tribal citizens who are looking to help support tribal growth and development and can offer the necessary skills, knowledge and expertise in these areas of interest.  

Completed applications can be hand-delivered to either the Houma or Golden Meadow office locations, mailed to the address on the form or emailed to info@unitedhoumanation.org.  Anyone with more questions can contact the UHN Houma Office (985)223-3093 or speak with a UHN Tribal Council Member.  

UHN Boards and Committees Application Form