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29 May

Understanding the Funding Buckets Post Oil Spill

Posted by United Houma Nation on Thursday, May 29, 2014

The post Deepwater-Horizon world we all live in is very complex.  The UHN leadership recognizes that many of our citizens long for the days when life was much simpler - go out in the morning, work hard, catch your own food, feed your own family, protect your family and your community.  Unfortunately those times have been changing quickly.  The oil spill has presented us all with new terminology and processes that all of living along the coast of the Gulf of Mexico that in order to survive and thrive we all need to learn.

The funding from the Spill is complex as the fines from the Oil Pollution Act, Natural Resource Damage Assessments, etc. are legally mandated for multiple purposes and will be assigned into "buckets" of funding that all are overseen and administered by different groups.  Got a headache yet?  Here's the good news, nearly all of the processes require public input in establishing priorities; however, in order to effectively influence the processes have effective public input we all need to better understand how it all works.

The Environmental Law Institute and the Tulane Institute on Water Resources Law and Policy co-authored a white paper to help provide a clear understanding these processes.   The paper is Funding Deepwater Horizon Restoration & Recovery: How Much, Going Where, For What? (May 2014).  

(click on the photo to open a link to the paper)

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