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17 May

The Class of 2014

Posted by United Houma Nation on Saturday, May 17, 2014

Last week we published a list of American Indian students graduating from Terrebonne parish and we asked you to send in the list of students graduating from other areas and schools to ensure we have the opportunity to recognize all our young graduates.  Thank you for sending in the list below and the Tribe as a whole would like to say congratulations and extend our hopes for bright and prosperous futures for our youth.

The ability to graduate from high school is such an inspiring achievement for our young.  This combined with the history of educational segregation for our people into the late 1960s - just 2 generations ago, makes this achievement much more meaningful and powerful for our people.  For some of our youth we are excited to see a third generation of tribal citizens with the opportunity and determination to succeed educationally.  Additionally, for some of our youth they represent the first generation within their family to take that step and advance themselves, their family and their Tribe.  We are proud of you all!

To our graduates - you each are at the beginning of your own journey.  Some of you will be going on to college, vocational training, or the military.  While some of you will be jumping straight into the workforce.  Regardless of your path, we would like to challenge you all to do your best to do the following as you make your decisions along the way:

  • Always hold your head up with pride - YOU ARE HOUMA!
  • Represent yourself, your family and your people with dignity and respect - YOU ARE HOUMA!
  • Work hard for the things you need and the people that depend on you - YOU ARE HOUMA!
  • Take care of those around you and they will be there to take care of you - YOU ARE HOUMA!
  • Always honor your ancestors and remember their sacrifices - YOU ARE HOUMA!
  • Never forget your people and know that they depend on you to be the future leaders - YOU ARE HOUMA!

Principal Chief Thomas Dardar and the United Houma Nation Tribal Council

The Graduation Class of 2014

Click HERE to see students graduating from Ellender Memorial High School, H.L. Bourgeois High School, South Terrebonne High School and Terrebonne High School all located in Houma, Louisiana.

Central Lafourche High School (Mathews, LA) - Brandy Aucoin, Breanna Nacio, and Kristin Tolar

Greenbrier High School (Evans, GA) - Kali Cox

Jewel Sumner High School (Kentwood, LA) - Derrick Chaisson

Mount Carmel Academy (New Orleans, LA) - Elise Curole

South Lafourche High School (Cut Off, LA) - Bailey Bertholet, Trent Dardar, Anthony Smith, Aaron Billiot, Victoria Dardar, Darien Taylor, Adam Billiot, Steven Dye, Sammuel Townsley, Jacob Billiot, Alicia Escobar, Austin Trahan, Kayla Billiot, Mark Falgout, Tazzie Vizier, Keagan Billiot, Crystal Griffin, Terrierenne Billiot, Brianna Guidry, Victoria Borne, Gavin Guidry, Cheyenne Callais, Caleb Hebert, Bryce Collins, Rhett Jarreau, Katelyn Crosby, Jazlyn Lafont, Austin Dardar, Kimberly Ledet, Brennon Dardar, and Allena Nacio

Thibodaux High School (Thibodaux, LA) - Gracie Dardar, Erica Fields, Alexis Robichaux, and Shawn Savoie