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09 May

Saktce-Ho'ma Opportunity Fund Providing Business Planning Assistance for Tribal Citizens

Posted by United Houma Nation on Friday, May 09, 2014

On May 1st the Saktce-Ho’ma Opportunity Fund, (SOF) met with various tribal business owners to discuss their business needs.  Executiv Director, Rob Lieb was able to make some assessments, and is now providing technical assistance with those owners.  The meeting provided Rob with a range of business questions from technical assistance and trainings needed to sustain and grow a small business, to entrepreneurship, accounting, business planning to a specific market analysis.  

The meeting successfully provided Rob with the reality that there are tribal businesses within the UHN ommunity that are in need of guidance, direction, and support.  In addition, Rob met with Louisiana’s Economic Development, (LED), division and found several business incentive programs that are being offered with one in particular that is an advantaged to all small businesses:  “a 50% cash match to Small Businesses” each business must qualify under LED’s criteria and become certified.  Please feel free to review their website, www.louisianaeconomicdevelopment.com or call Rob Lieb at (985) 223-3093 to discuss these incentives. 


During the month of May, Rob will reach out to visit the four federally recognized tribes to assess and discuss their business needs.  He'll also be traveling out to six UHN tribal communities to provide a financial training series.  If you have questions about your business opportunities or financial needs please feel free to call Rob at the above number to schedule an appointment.  He'll gladly meet and conduct one-on-one meetings to provide and offer assistance.


Other Small Business Meeting Date Initiatives:


Thursday, May 15th, Dulac Community Center

Topic:  Credit Repair

Time:  10:00 am


Tuesday, May 20th Houma Main Library

Topic:  Social media Marketing Made Simple

Time:  6:00 pm - 7:30 pm 


Thursday, May 29th, Houma Voc. Rehab. Conference Room

Topic:  Business Plan Development

Time:  6:00 pm