United Houma Nation


12 Nov

Past and Present Come Together to Recreate Traditional Tribal Hut

Posted by United Houma Nation on Wednesday, November 12, 2014

On Saturday, tribal leaders were proud to turn over the hut building duties to the younger generation.  Raymond Clark, Jr., Jared Crosby and Zach Fitch lead the initiative to construct a traditional tribal hut during the Bogalusa celebration of the 7 Tribes of Louisiana.  The hut will become part of a permanent display on the grounds of the museum and cultural center in Cassidy Park.

While constructing the hut, Elder Eveyln Foussell came across the builders and reminisced with them of a time when she was a young girl living in Point aux Chene with her grandmother and living in a hut much like they were building.  Ms. Evelyn quickly jumped in and taught our young men the tying technique used by her family from her childhood to secure the palmetto fronds strongly to the willow frame.  She and her family stayed the entire day and worked hand-in-hand with these young men.

Our young men were inspired and overwhelmed by Ms. Evelyn's teachings and sharing.  So much so that they were committed to ensure the hut would be completed before nightfall.  Watching the construction taking place from across the grounds, the awe, determination, pride and respect for their elder was clearly visible.  They all agree it was truly a magical day and walked away feeling like they had received so much more than they gave.

So proud of you ALL!