United Houma Nation


02 Nov

L'Crevisse Project is Launched

Posted by United Houma Nation on Wednesday, November 02, 2016

It is with much joy and excitement that the United Houma Nation Tribal Council is able to share the launch of the L'Crevisse Project, which is the construction of a UHN Cultural Center and French Immersion School.  This multi-million dollar complex has been in the planning process for nearly 5 years and thanks to our partners at the Foundation de France we are able to share the architectural drawings prepared by renowned French architect Rudy Ricciotti.

The project began as a simple sketch of a crawfish or L'Crevisse (Houma French spelling and pronunciation) paying honor to the Houma creation story that tells of the crawfish creating the world in its mound building efforts as well as its ferocity as our war emblem where it tirelessly defends its home from all attackers regardless of size and strength.

In 2015, the UHN was able to purchase 13 plus acres of property located at 4425 Park Avenue in Gray, Louisiana.  From that point, the Tribe has been working with the Foundation de France and Mr. Ricciotti's architectural firm to develop the initial plans.  "We have been very honored to have the support and assistance from our French brothers and sisters in moving this project forward.  It is a true example of how our friendship has remained true in the last 316 years," stated Principal Chief Thomas Dardar.

What's next?  Fundraising is now the priority as we will need to work with a local engineer and architect to determine the exact cost on building; however, at this point the rough estimates are near $20M.  This HOME for the UHN is much needed at this point as many of our citizens are finding themselves facing relocation now or in the very near future.  Without a HOME preservation of our culture and way of life will be challenged.  Now is the time to ensure our culture can exist for our future generations.  Additionally, this facility will serve as a means of celebrating and sharing our rich culture and heritage with the entire communities of Terrebonne and Lafourche parishes.

The UHN staff and council will be hosting ongoing Open Houses at the location for tribal citizens interested in learning more.  If you would like to visit the site of our future HOME and/or assist with the fundraising efforts, please email us or call (985)223-3093.