United Houma Nation


06 Sep

Contact Update and Hurricane Preparedness

Posted by United Houma Nation on Wednesday, September 06, 2017

Hurricane season has been especially active lately. As we watch Hurricane Irma's unpredictable path, we are asking all Tribal Citizens to please update their contact information, as we attempt to get a read in regards to what our tribal citizens might need if an emergency evacuation were to happen. Unfortunately, UHN tribal resources are limited and we are unable to provide as much support as we would hope. However, with more information we are able to advocate better on your behalf and share your needs with potential supporters and funders.  We feel it is very important to stay connected and found that in past storms email and cell phone contacts were the most effective channels used for us to stay connected to citizens in regards to recovery and supply distribution.

Please encourage other tribal citizens to update their information online; also if you know of an elder(s) or someone who might not be as tech savvy, please assist them in updating their information through the online form.

If you are a Tribal Citizen not living within the UHN service area you are still encouraged to update contact information through this form.  Thank you in advance for taking the time to help us better serve you!

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Stay with family out of the area
Rent a hotel room
Stay at a state/Red Cross evacuation shelter
I don't leave even if evacuation is mandatory
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