United Houma Nation


24 Aug

9-11 World Trade Center Flag and Dr. John to Make Appearance at 6th Annual UHN Celebrating Abilities Powwow

Posted by United Houma Nation on Sunday, August 24, 2014

The UHN Powwow Committee is excited and pleased to announce two additions to the September 20-21st Powwow agenda.  On Saturday evening, Mr. Lyle Cook with the Cheyenne River Veterans will be returning with the 9-11 US Flag to present.  The flag is a reminder of our troops serving in the Middle East in the war against terrorism.  The flag, which is one of three that flew over the Twin Towers, was entrusted to Cheyenne River tribal veterans to share and preserve.  For the tribal veterans group, the flag is symbol of our tribal warriors who are serving our Country against this war on terror as well as the many who have given their lives in this service.  We look forward to all tribal veterans and family members who have loved ones stationed in the Middle East to join us on Saturday, September 20th at approximately 7:30 pm for the displaying of the flag and honoring our soldiers in battle.

Also confirmed this week, on Sunday, New Orleans famed singer and performer Dr. John will be in attendance for the graduation of four tribal citizens who have completed training to conduct community the Acu-Detox acupuncture protocol.  The training, funded by Dr. John and coordinated through the Dulac Community Center, was an opportunity for tribal citizens to become trained, certified and licensed to perform the Acu-Detox 5-point ear acupuncture protocol.  The students, Lora Ann Chaisson, Lanor Curole, John Silver and Barbara Naquin, were trained by Wendy Henry of New York City and Sandra Dixon on New Orleans along with additional supervision from other area acupuncturists.  The Acu-Detox protocol is a specially designed acupuncture treatment that began in detox centers to reduce the cravings associated with substance abuse/use; however, other benefits observed are reduced feelings of anxiety and assisting with stress management.  The Acu-Detox protocol has been widely used post disasters nationally beginning with 9-11 to assist first responders with the emotional toll of search and rescue.  Dr. John has been a strong supporter of coastal recovery and restoration as well as the United Houma Nation.  We hare honored to have him present for the graduation of our tribal citizens who will have the ability to provide continuous disaster assistance to our tribal communities.