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Over the years United Houma Nation has acquired a couple of properties. These properties have been maintained by United Houma Nation; however, due to lack of funds, none have been developed, renovated or repaired.

Daigleville School

Not many people today are aware of the tripartite school system that existed in Terrebonne and Lafourche Parishes in the early twentieth century. Indians and African American were channeled into their own separate schools to keep them segregated from the all-white public school systems. The Daigleville School served for a time as an Indian-only high school for the students of Terrebonne Parish during those years. This system of segregation remained in place till 1964 when Houma students, because of a successful lawsuit against the school board, were finally able to gain access to the public school system.

For the citizens of the United Houma Nation the Daigleville building stands not as a symbol of that unjust system of discrimination but rather their victory over that system. The decades long battle for inclusion contributed to the strong sense of identity that exist within the Houma community.

Recently, after years of effort, the United Houma Nation has acquired possession of the Daigleville School from the Terrebonne Parish School Board. The tribe has performed an extensive clean- up of the building and property as well as securing the building with a new roof. The next phase will include windows and interior restoration with the long-term goal of the building becoming the main office of the United Houma Nation.

Montegut School Community Center

United Houma Nation Montegut School Community Center located on Hwy 55 with waterfront access; formerly Montegut Indian School. The school is known as a historical landmark to people in and around the community. In recent years until Hurricane Katrina, the Montegut Center had been used as a gathering place for the community. A squatter burnt part of the building, making the use of the building uninhabitable. Cost of repair $30,000.00 one time.

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Gray Property

The 13.997 acres will be developed with a Cultural Center, French Emersion School, Museum, Tribal Offices and Restaurant. UHN will oversee the architectural planning and programming of the building project with the help of the Mediator for the Architect to be able to identify the Preliminary Drawings. UHN will manage and guide the development and implementation of the project with the help of the Mediator of the Project. Bank note payment $38,000.00 annually

KUHN Radio Station

KUHN is an FM non-commercial radio station broadcasting at 88.9 MHz. The station is licensed to Golden Meadow, LA and has a broadcast area of 7.2 miles. The station airs variety programming and streams online nonmusical programming when available. KUHN provides a local, live news program daily and live streaming.

Radio station Operator will be responsible for the success and profitability of the station. Because KUHN radio station is a non-commercial radio station, Operator will make public announcements and conduct daily programing. Station Operator will work strictly with community announcements and free advertising. Station Operator must have enough technical knowledge to understand the operation of all station equipment. They will also ensure program and technicality to comply with local, state, and federal broadcasting regulations and other laws. It takes approximately $40,000 annually to operate.


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