United Houma Nation


  • Aug 21, 2015

    United Houma Nation owns KUHN 88.9 a Non-Profit Radio Station that serves South Lafourche & parts of Terrebonne Parish. 

    We are seeking your support to maintain the operation of this important media outlet. KUHN is a 501 (c) 3, non-profit, non-commercial education radio station that doesn’t receive local, state or federal funding nor can we sell advertising like traditional radio stations. 

    While we have been operating on a very modest budget we currently have a need to reach out to our friends in the community for financial support.   We are attempting to secure funds to upgrade the programming we offer to the public, including our ability to stream live over the internet 24 hours, 7 days a week.

    We have estimated an annual budget of $15,000 ($1,250 monthly) to make KUHN the station that can meet the ever growing needs of our community. This appears to be small amount to keep a FM radio station going but we also rely on volunteers and community sponsors.

    KUHN has provided various programming in the past but plans to expand programming to include daily news, sports, weather, music, and local artist highlights. The security of annual funding will assist us to secure equipment to broadcast live from across the area like live board meetings, events and even narrate the beauty and cultural importance of the Pow-wow. We have also talked with people in the community about presenting shows that spot light local cooks, culture, comedy shows, educational and even game shows with prizes.  

    One of the most important aspect of KUHN is the ability to inform the community about dangerous weather events from lightning storms to ferocious Hurricanes!  This station is an important outlet for getting safety information to all of our communities and keeping those that choose to evacuate news of what’s happening at home and when it is safe to come home. 

    With your support we can increase our impact on the community, take a minute and consider making a contribution to KHUN. With your support the possibilities are endless!
    Sponsor Levels:
    Sponsor a Whole Year of Broadcasting         $15,000.00
    Sponsor a Half Year of Broadcasting               $7,500.00
    Sponsor a Quarter Year of Broadcasting         $3,750.00
    Sponsor a Month of Broadcasting                    $1,250.00
    Sponsor a Week of Broadcasting                        $300.00
     Sponsor a Day of Broadcasting                            $45.00 ..
  • Jul 23, 2015

    The UHN Election Board will be holding a Special Election to fill two vacancies on the UHN Tribal Council.  Tribal Districts 5 and 10 are currently vacant and encompass the following areas: ..

  • Jul 20, 2015

    The United Houma Nation Diabetes Program is looking for the next cooking sensation.  We are taking the traditional cookbook and putting our own spin on it! If you love to cook, don’t mind being recorded in the kitchen preparing your favorite dish, and sharing with us a little history about your dish (i.e. passed on by a family member, created it yourself, altered a recipe you found online); then we are looking for you! ..

  • Jul 17, 2015

    Good carbs, bad carbs; brown vs. white; cake or no cake; those are the questions but what are the answers?  When living with diabetes, individuals are sometimes confused by the information they receive from television, family, friends and the internet on what foods they can consume or should avoid.   ..